Call for Feedback

Making New Worlds will resume in 2018, but today we have a quick announcement to make about our upcoming audience feedback episode. The transcript for this announcement is below.

Hi, everyone! This is Erika Nesvold. Making New Worlds will return with new episodes in 2018. But I wanted to make a quick announcement today. The second-to-last episode of this podcast, which will air on February 7th, will be our audience feedback episode. It’ll include comments and discussion from you, our listeners, about the issues we’ve been raising in each episode. Do you have an opinion on criminal justice in space? Maybe you think we were completely off-base in our conversation about property rights? Or maybe one of our next few episodes will raise some questions that you really want to dive into? If you’ve got something to say, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ll be taking submissions from now until the end of January. You can send in a written message, which I’ll read on the air, by using the contact form on our website,, or by sending us a message through our Facebook page at You can also record yourself reading your comments and submit the audio file via email to

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. We’ll be back next week. Happy New Year!