Making New Worlds was a limited-run, 13-episode podcast, which ran from November 2017 through February 2018. Links to each episode are below.

Episode 00: Trailer

Episode 01: Why Are We Going? Examining our motivations for settling space

Episode 02: Who Gets to Go? Selecting a passenger list from a planet of seven billion people

Episode 03: Who Owns Mars? Property rights in outer space

Episode 04: Where’s My Money? Labor rights and the economy

Episode 05: What If Someone Steals My Stuff? Crime and punishment

Episode 06: Who’s in Charge? Independence and government

Episode 07: What If I Want to Have Kids? Reproductive rights

Episode 08: Should We Make Mars More Like Earth? Terraforming and environmental conservation

Episode 09: What If There’s Already Life on Mars? Planetary protection

Episode 10: What If I Get Sick? Medicine and triage

Episode 11: Which Way Is Mecca? Religion and culture

Episode 12: What Do You Think? Audience feedback

Episode 13: Should We Settle Space?